It’s that time of year…

You know, the one where you feel like your scrambling to make it rainnnn 

And it doesn’t rain money at all… because you’re spaghetti launching everything without a strategy in place, and your energetics… well, they’re all over the place.


Here’s the thing...

You know that all that hustling and running around at the last minute isn’t your cup of tea.

In fact there’s only so much you can push and force until it backfires on you, or your body begs you to slow down (hi health crisis... been there, done that. And it isn't fun!), or your life feels like it goes up in flames.


It's time for you to start being that BOSS!


To help you make it rainnn in your life and business, I have bundled up some of my most powerful tools that will light a fire within you and help you just do the damn thing.

There is power within intentional action

&& laser focused precision.


You (and your team together) are a powerhouse when you master the fundamentals of business:

✓ Your mindset and energetics

✓ Connection and relationship building

✓ Selling (girlfriend, you have got to show up and sell every day).

✓ And building a rock solid brand (and no I am not talking about fancy photoshoots and graphics, though they have their place too).

Rinse and repeat.


Say hello to the 7 Figure Mama Breakthrough Bundle that gives you exactly that!


You'll receive…

#1. 100 CONTENT PROMPTS for a 6 Figure Business 

The exact same prompts that helped my clients and I get hella visible, monetized, growth, and sales. 

Your content planning and strategy is a big part of your visibility strategy.

Stop spaghetti planning your content and get anchored in who you are.

Visibility = more eyes on you and your brand = more connection = Know, Love, Trust.

Hello Business growth.

#2. Shift Your Shit Journal

I get it, we all have shit we go through.

But sitting in it and wallowing in it isn’t going to help you or your business.

Feel what you need to feel, and then let that shit go.

You have life to live, relationships to build, empires to grow and scale, impact to create.

You are the key to your limitless potential. Nobody else.

If you desire it, you get to have it.

You get to embody it.

Who you show up as, who you choose to be when shit hits the fan is everything.

Master your mindset and energetics, and the world will be yours.

#3. Brand Reflection 

You are your brand. When you have a deep understanding of who you are, what you do and what your brand essence is – everything you share online is an extension and reflection of that.

Branding is so much more than pretty fonts and graphics and luxury photoshoots.

It is your energy embodied.

It is your energetic signature – woven on your IG feed, how people feel when they land on your page, when they read a post. It’s your client experience and team management and everything in between.

It is YOU. 

Strong brands outlive any trends (and are also recession proof).

#4. The Make It Rainnn Client Activation Portal

Okay, girlfriend, this is THE tea.

Ever wondered how my clients and I close sales in the DMs with ease, fun, and no hint of overly masculine marketing strategies?

I’m literally handing you the blueprint.

This alone is worth the entire price of the bundle and much more!

#5. The Flip - Lite Workshop

Think of this as having me in your backpocket forever.

I will die on this hill - your energetics matter.

And it takes a second to flip them.

Flip the mindset.

Flip the patterns.

And take radical self-responsibility.

To understand, heal, and rewrite the negative self-talk and mindset.

To go bone deep into WHY I desire what I desire.

#6. Wealth Coach Meditation

Wealth is a mindset. Tap into my Wealth Coach Meditations and rewire your mindset, tap into the energetics of wealth and grow your business with ease, alignment, and hyperspeed.

#7. Energetic Reset 

Are you playing to win? Or fighting for your limitations?

Energetics is the creme de la creme of any successful business. Plug into this beautiful rich-ual every single day to end the spiral, the plateau, and the income fluctuations and nervous system rollercoasters, once and for all.

Master your energetics, master your life.

At hyperspeed.

Clearly this bundle is power-packed and juicy! 

I am so excited for you to experience this bundle.

And to help you flip everything on its head, defy any limitations and truly be living proof that you can make it rainnn.

Whatever you desire, is yours. It desires you back.

You just need a little bit of strategy, a whole lotta mindset and energy, and to get the heck out of your own way to make it rainn!





4 Monthly Payments