All it takes is one moment.

One decision.

One powerful intention.

To flip/alter/shift the course of your life.

I am living proof that your whole life can change

With the flip of a switch.

No if’s, buts, maybe’s.

Pure intention, desire, committed/married with action.



In 2021, I was heartbroken.

My business broke my heart.

My income was at an all-time low.

My boundaries  where non non-existent, and i felt defeated by business heartbreaks between clients, teams, and more.

My health was suffering. In every way.


 If you had told me two years ago, “Maria, you’re going to be having a beautiful baby in your arms, a million-dollar business with a dream team in place, and truly make it rain within a year…”

I’d have laughed. Yeah right.


To say that last year was my hardest year ever is an understatement.

Your girl could have wallowed.

And for a little while, I was heavy in the feels.

For 5 full months, I raged, I cried, and then my inner CEO roared, We are not doing this anymore.

I realized something… the common denominator was me.


It was here that I took radical self-responsibility.

✓ For myself.

✓ My growth.

✓ My healing.

✓ My results.

✓ My emotional mastery.

✓ My leadership.

✓ My EQ.

✓ My power.


THIS… is where it rained on me...

I had the power in me all along.

To FLIP this on its head and really make it rain.

And so I did…


Say hello to The Flip.

Today, I have completely flipped everything around.

My business. My health. My life. My team.

And this same process has helped my client create numerous flips and shifts.


In the last 12 months, Wik & Associates, my biz has closed well over HALF A MILLLL in sales. (EEK!!!!!) 

✓ I work a max of 6 hours a week, have the dreamiest team and clients.

✓ I have multi-5 figures in MRR through 2023 and the works.

✓ And I'm a stay at home mama to a beautiful toddler and plans to grow our family more. 


Talk about 7 Figure Mama mode being activated. ;)


THIS transformation..  This catapult… was the result of one single thing.

The Flip.

Flip the mindset.

Flip the patterns.

And take radical self-responsibility.

To understand, heal, and rewrite the negative self-talk and mindset.

To go bone deep into WHY I desire what I desire.

To end the spiral, the plateau, and the income fluctuations and the nervous system rollercoasters, once and for all.


Most say focus on the results, the process will align.

I say, focus on the process, and the results will align.

Focus on the flip.

At hyperspeed.


Are you ready to flip the script?

The Flip has become a sacred ritual in my business,

In my clients’ businesses.

Filled with embodiment practices, somatic healing, and tangible tools guaranteed to help you shift your mindset, release old scripts and stories, heal trapped emotions, and attract the results you desire with intentional action…

Allow this to be your not-so-secret sauce to having the life and business of your dreams.

If you're ready to break through an income dip, negative self-talk, plateaued income, and more... I can confidently say the flip is 100% for you.









When you know, you know.

Let's flip this old script and make it rainnn.